3D Impressions & Scanning

3D Impressions in Orthodontics

Impressions of your teeth are an important part of any orthodontic treatment—they help your orthodontist develop the right treatment plan and create custom-fitting appliances. However, traditional impressions—a tray filled with impression material that the patient bites down on until the mold sets—tend to be uncomfortable, messy, and less accurate. Village Orthodontics is committed to providing every patient with the highest care and keeping their comfort top priority. Promoting this vision, Village Orthodontics utilizes the iTero® scanner instead of traditional impressions. In fact, we consider ourselves an impression-free zone!

The iTero scanner is an essential part of many orthodontic treatments, including traditional braces and Invisalign®, and several appliances such as the keyless palatal expander or a retainer. It is a handheld intraoral device that takes high-quality, three-dimensional images of your teeth and jaws, ensuring the most accurate treatment plan and appliances with an ideal fit. These images help us create an accurate model of your teeth, so your entire treatment plan can be formulated.

One of the greatest benefits of the iTero scanner is that the results are instant. Your orthodontist can get to work on your treatment plan and custom-made appliances right away.

If you are interested in orthodontic treatment for yourself or for your child, we hope you will think of Village Orthodontics. Dr. Jeff is a highly qualified orthodontist, and his staff is dedicated to achieving your best result. Call us at any of our 3 practice locations for a complimentary consultation.