Orthodontics in Centennial, CO

Orthodontics in Centennial, CO

Centennial is a city that’s been known for its safety and the genuine concern that its people have for one another. We knew that this would be an excellent location for one of our offices because we highly value the safety and comfort of our patients. Our office in Centennial, CO, is located near Cherry Creek State Park, Chatfield State Park, Cherry Creek Reservoir, and much more! We are happy to be a part of the wonderful and welcoming community of Centennial, Colorado.


It’s recommended that children make their first visit to an orthodontist around the age of 7 to ensure that their permanent teeth are developing properly. Braces help to ensure teeth properly align in the dental arch and that the bite is properly aligned, preventing issues that affect speech, eating, and chewing. Even though most people think that braces are only for children and young adults, we offer braces and the full range of orthodontic services to adults too! We believe that everyone deserves a happy and healthy smile.


Many people want aligned teeth, but they don’t want the hassle or look of traditional metal braces. Luckily, Village Orthodontics is here to help! We offer Invisalign treatment, which is a clear alignment option that consists of a series of retainers that are designed to gradually shift your teeth into place over time. In fact, most people can’t even tell when you’re wearing an Invisalign retainer! They are a popular choice because they can be removed during eating and brushing, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning around brackets or wires. To learn more, contact our Centennial office today!

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Everyone deserves a happy and healthy smile that they can be proud of, which is why we are proud to offer exceptional orthodontic services to patients in Centennial, CO, and surrounding areas.