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See the difference that orthodontics can make! Whether you’re looking to make big or small adjustments to your smile, or if you’re wondering how you could benefit from braces or Invisalign®, Village Orthodontics is here for you in Southeast Denver, Colorado.

Braces Phase 1

Phase 1 of orthodontic treatment typically begins between the ages of 7 and 10, or when a child begins to lose their baby teeth. Treatment during this phase focuses more on skeletal than dental issues, such as craniofacial differences, cleft lip and palate, and misalignment or disruptions in teeth or jaw development. Traditional metal braces are common during this stage, which lasts around 12 to 21 months before moving on to phase 2.

Phase 1 Slected Patient Before
Phase 1 Slected Patient After

Braces Phase 2

Phase 2 concentrates on the final alignment of teeth and typically ranges from a few months to a few years. Crucial adjustments to the skeletal structure were made during phase 1 that allows for phase 2 to focus primarily on straightening teeth and overall stability. It is typically done with traditional braces and may require a retainer to be worn after treatment to ensure the alignment is maintained after the braces are taken off.

Phase 2 Slected Patient Before
Phase 2 Slected Patient After


With Invisalign, achieving a beautifully aligned smile is easy! Patients with minor misalignments, gaps, or crooked teeth can benefit from wearing a clear, comfortable, custom-made retainer. Invisalign retainers are replaced about every 2 weeks, and they steadily align your teeth over time. They are only removed during eating and brushing, and nobody will be able to tell that you’re wearing them. With Invisalign, no brackets or wires are no problem!

Invisalign® Slected Patient Before
Invisalign® Slected Patient After