We know that many patients have questions about what to expect when it comes to orthodontic treatment. At Village Orthodontics, we’d like to put your mind at ease and help you feel as safe and comfortable as possible. We love hearing from our happy patients and have gathered their stories to help the newest patients of the Village Orthodontics family. Watch the videos to see for yourself why they trust Village Orthodontics.

Referring Provider Reviews

Many patients don't realize that they have a condition requiring treatment from an oral surgeon until their dentist or other dental professional refers them. Most of the time, patients visit their dentist for a checkup or cleaning, and during the examination, the dentist will find some symptoms or signs of a condition that they feel warrants an evaluation by an expert oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Here at , we are lucky to have numerous local dentists referring their patients to our practice for various oral surgery needs, and we are proud to offer them the necessary treatment.

We truly appreciate every referral and enjoy the opportunity they provide to work with local dental professionals and help them restore their patients' smiles and oral health. To hear why local providers love referring their patients to our office, and to listen to them discuss the positive feedback they get from their patients, we encourage you to watch the testimonials below. When you visit , you too will receive the top-quality care we provide to referred patients.

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Now that you’ve listened to stories from our patients, we encourage you to learn more about our doctors, team, and practice so you can see how we dedicate our time to provide the highest quality treatments with the most up-to-date technology.