At Village Orthodontics, Dr. Jeff practices the most advanced technology available in orthodontics today. Together with his experienced team, Dr. Jeff makes every effort to help his patients and their families feel safe and welcome throughout their treatment. Village Orthodontics offers personalized treatment plans designed to improve oral health while creating smiles that will last a lifetime.

Our goal is to provide treatment that’s efficient as well as fun. From offering traditional metal braces, clear braces, and bright and colorful elastics to Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen®, Village Orthodontics has a solution for everyone. Dr. Jeff strives to give every patient their very best smile.

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Braces align teeth and our passive self-ligating braces are smaller, have less friction, faster treatment outcomes, and are more comfortable.

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Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen®

Invisalign makes daily oral hygiene easier while straightening your teeth because these retainers can be removed during eating and brushing.

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An orthodontic retainer holds your teeth in place as they settle into their new positions in the mouth. Using digital impressions, we create custom retainers to fit—and retain—your one-of-a-kind smile.

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Bite Correction

Problems with your bite could lead to speaking, eating, or chewing issues. Our two most common bite correctors are Herbst® and Carriere® appliances.

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Early Orthodontic Treatment and Keyless Expander

It’s recommended that children visit an orthodontist around the age of 7 to ensure the permanent adult teeth are developing properly.

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Adult Orthodontic Treatment

It’s never too late for a beautiful smile! Adult orthodontic services can correct your bite, align your teeth, and more so you can smile with confidence.

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More Services

Tongue Thrust Therapy

Tongue Thrust Therapy

Tongue thrusting is the habit of placing the tongue too far forward during swallowing, which forces the teeth out of alignment over time. During treatment, speech and finger sucking habits are also evaluated.


procedure airway evaluation

Airway Evaluation

An airway evaluation seeks to treat any underlying causes of obstructed breathing, and early expansion has been shown to improve the airway in children seeing a pediatric ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor.


Retainers for Life®

This protection plan helps our patients have accessible & affordable retainers no matter where they go in order to maintain their new smiles for a lifetime!